Insight Aug 6, 2020

Why banks’ declining reserves matter for the dollar

Financial Times; Wenxin Du
Topics:  Monetary Policy
Podcast episode Aug 6, 2020

Episode 17: Navigating Uncertainty

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Lars Peter Hansen, Constantine Yannelis
How can leaders make sound policy decisions with incomplete information? Lars Peter Hansen and Constantine...
Topics:  COVID-19
Insight Aug 4, 2020

Opinion | Should we burden generations to come by spending so freely?

Livemint; Raghuram Rajan
Topics:  COVID-19
Podcast episode Jul 30, 2020

Episode 16: How to Price a Vaccine?

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Katherine Baicker, Richard Thaler
Under both pandemic and economic stress, how will the market perform when it comes to...
Topics:  COVID-19, Health care
Podcast episode Jul 23, 2020

Episode 15: US & China: Relationship on the Rocks?

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Zhiguo He, Chang-Tai Hsieh
Is COVID-19 complicating US-China relations? Zhiguo He and Chang-Tai Hsieh offer insight into how the...
Topics:  COVID-19
Insight Jul 22, 2020

Opinion | The return of workers to cities isn’t a sign of normalcy

Livemint; Anup Malani
Topics:  COVID-19
Podcast episode Jul 16, 2020

Episode 14: The Holes in the Safety Net

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Damon Jones
CARES Act funds quickly put cash in the hands of Americans affected by shutdown, but...
Topics:  COVID-19
Podcast episode Jul 11, 2020

Episode 13: Stopping an Avalanche of Poverty

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Bruce Meyer
One of the largest economic downturns in US history has not produced more poverty. What...
Topics:  Economic Mobility & Poverty, COVID-19