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Insights / Research BriefMay 12, 2023

Protected: Interactive Research Brief: Measuring the Characteristics and Employment Dynamics of U.S. Inventors

Ufuk Akcigit, Nathan Goldschlag
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
Topics:  Employment & Wages
Insights / Research BriefMay 03, 2023

Local And National Concentration Trends in Jobs and Sales: The Role of Structural Transformation

David Autor, Christina Patterson, John Van Reenen
Driven by the sizable shift in sales and employment from the relatively concentrated manufacturing sector to the relatively unconcentrated service sector, local concentration in sales has increased in parallel to national sales concentration, while local concentration in employment has declined, despite rising at the national level.
Topics:  Employment & Wages, Industrial Organization
Insights / Research BriefApr 19, 2023

The Health Wedge and Labor Market Inequality

Amy Finkelstein, Casey C. McQuillan, Owen M. Zidar, Eric Zwick
The pervasiveness of employer-provided healthcare in the United States contributes to labor market inequality; under an alternative scenario where healthcare is funded by a payroll tax on firms, the college-wage premium would be 11% lower. If healthcare costs had grown at the rate of other countries, inequality would have grown less as well.
Topics:  Employment & Wages, Health care
Insights / Research BriefApr 07, 2023

What Works for the Unemployed? Evidence from Quasi-Random Caseworker Assignments

Anders Humlum, Jakob R. Munch, Mette Rasmussen
Two years after job loss, jobseekers assigned to classroom training programs tend to work 25% more, whereas on-the-job training programs appear to have no robust employment effects. These results, which are driven by post-program effects, challenge the existing literature.
Topics:  Employment & Wages
Insights / Research BriefMar 21, 2023

Changing Tracks: Human Capital Investment After Loss of Ability

Anders Humlum, Jakob R. Munch, Pernille Plato
Injured workers who reskill through bachelor’s programs earn 25% more than before their injuries and avoid being prescribed antidepressants or receiving disability insurance.
Topics:  Employment & Wages
Insights / Research BriefMar 06, 2023

Remote Work Across Jobs, Companies, and Space

Nick Bloom, Steven J. Davis, Stephen Hansen, Peter John Lambert, Raffaella Sadun, Bledi Taska
From 2019 to early 2023, the share of job postings offering remote work for one or more days per week rose more than three-fold in the United States and by a factor of five or more in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.
Topics:  COVID-19, Employment & Wages
Insights / Research BriefFeb 23, 2023

Customer Discrimination in the Workplace: Evidence from Online Sales

Erin Kelley, Gregory Lane, Matthew Pecenco, Edward Rubin
The assignment of a female-sounding name to tele-agents leads to 50 percent fewer purchases; customers also lag in responding, are less expressive, and avoid discussing purchases.
Topics:  Employment & Wages
Insights / Research BriefFeb 09, 2023

The Market for CEOs: Evidence From Private Equity

Paul A. Gompers, Steven N. Kaplan, Vladimir Mukharlyamov
While most new CEOs of public companies are internal promotions, this new work finds that more than 75% of the new CEOs are external hires, with 67% being complete outsiders.
Topics:  Employment & Wages