Podcast episode Dec 31, 2020

The Pandemic Recession’s Gender Gap

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Yana Gallen, Heather Sarsons
Women suffered significantly in the early months of the current recession, raising important questions about...
Topics:  COVID-19, Employment & Wages
Research Brief

The Allocation of Talent and US Economic Growth

Imagine falling sick in a world where half or more of all the good doctors were intentionally kept out of the profession. How confident would you be in the care you received? Or imagine that you needed a lawyer to get you out of a tight legal jam, yet roughly half of the brightest legal minds were intentionally unavailable?
Topics:  Employment & Wages
Insight Jul 11, 2020

Why Congress must say no to the $600 unemployment bonus extension

New York Post; Brian Blase, Casey Mulligan, Doug Badger
Topics:  COVID-19, Employment & Wages
Podcast episode Jun 25, 2020

Episode 11: The Lopsided Recession

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Veronica Guerrieri, Erik Hurst
The current recession is not only unprecedented in its nature and scope, but also in...
Topics:  COVID-19, Employment & Wages

Lunch and Learn Discussion Series: The Economic Policy Response to COVID-19

Topics:  COVID-19, Employment & Wages
Podcast episode Jun 9, 2020

Episode 8: Rethinking the Jobless Benefits Boost

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Peter Ganong, Joseph S. Vavra
Under the CARES Act, two-thirds of eligible unemployed Americans can access unemployment insurance exceeding their...
Topics:  COVID-19, Employment & Wages
Insight Jun 4, 2020

Don’t end expanded unemployment insurance: Improve it

The Hill; Peter Ganong, Pascal Noel, Joseph Vavra
Topics:  Employment & Wages, COVID-19

Industrial Revolution in Services: Is Big Business Driving Economic Growth?

Topics:  Employment & Wages, Industrial Organization