Podcast episode Sep 11, 2020

Deep Dive Series – Climate vs. Development: The Global Dilemma

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Michael Greenstone, Amir Jina
How you experience the global energy crisis and climate change depends in large part on...
Topics:  Energy & Environment
Podcast episode Aug 27, 2020

Episode 20: Can COVID Change the Climate?

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Michael Greenstone
COVID-19 has prompted a significant decline in carbon emissions, accompanied by extraordinary economic cost. Professor...
Topics:  COVID-19, Energy & Environment
Insight Apr 3, 2020

We Should Be Celebrating OPEC’s Price War, Not Trying To End It

Forbes; Ryan Kellogg
Topics:  COVID-19, Energy & Environment

Renewable Portfolio Standards Passage by State

States that have adopted any RPS policy are colored according to the year in which...
Topics:  Energy & Environment

Becker Brown Bag: Some Dismal Economics of Climate Policy

Robert H. Topel
Energy is an essential component of economic growth. At the same time, rising worldwide demand...
Topics:  Energy & Environment

Discussion Section with Kevin Murphy, Featuring Lars Peter Hansen

Kevin Murphy, Lars Peter Hansen
Kevin Murphy talks with Lars Peter Hansen, the David Rockefeller Distinguished Service Professor and Director of BFI's Macro Finance Research Program, about BFI's beginnings, his research and more.
Topics:  Tax & Budget, Technology & Innovation, Employment & Wages, Energy & Environment

Friedman Forum with Michael Greenstone: The Global Energy Challenge

Michael Greenstone
Economic growth depends critically on access to reliable energy. However in much of the world,...
Topics:  Energy & Environment