Podcast episode Jan 13, 2021

The Big Tech Threat?

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Eric Posner, Chad Syverson
The expanding market influence of tech companies has sparked new fear of an old economic...
Topics:  Technology & Innovation
Podcast episode Nov 5, 2020

Deep Dive Series – The Future of Money?

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Eric Budish, Brian Platz, Yuval Rooz, Luigi Zingales
If use of cash continues to wane, will cryptocurrency be the new dollar bill? Is...
Topics:  Technology & Innovation
Research Brief

A Global View of Creative Destruction

Trade policy has recently been in the news, with the focus on the costs to firms from higher prices due to trade tariffs. However, the focus on the effect of tariffs on prices misses perhaps the most important benefit from international trade: the transmission of ideas.
Topics:  Industrial Organization, Technology & Innovation
Research Brief

Synergizing Ventures

In the early days of Microsoft, Bill Gates and Paul Allen did not need investors’...
Topics:  Employment & Wages, Industrial Organization, Technology & Innovation
Research Brief

Policy Uncertainty in Japan

In the aftermath of the Financial Crisis (2007-08) and the Great Recession (2007-09), households and firms faced lots of uncertainty, not only about when and how the economy would recover, but also confusion on whether and how the administration, Congress, and the Federal Reserve would react. For families considering the purchase of a new car or a move to another city for a job, and for businesses considering new hires or a plant expansion, this policy uncertainty meant that the prudent choice was often wait-and-see.
Topics:  Financial Markets, Monetary Policy

Empirical Trends That Inform Decreasing US Business Dynamism

Panel 1a is taken from Andrews et al. (2016), Panel 1b from Decker et al....
Topics:  Financial Markets, Technology & Innovation
Research Brief

What Happened to US Business Dynamism?

Competition, whether in sports or in the arts or in business, can spur players to perform better than they otherwise would. Take two runners, for example; if there is a large gap between the two, then the one falling behind is likely to slow down since there is no hope for winning, while the one in the lead may also relax as victory is ensured. In both cases, neither is performing as well as she could.
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Uber Mexico: Share of Cash by City

For numerous cities in Mexico, either a share of the fare (depicted in light yellow)...
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