Research Brief Oct 15, 2019

Policy Uncertainty in Japan

Policy uncertainty is always a consideration for households and firms, even in relatively stable periods....
Topics:  Financial Markets, Monetary Policy
Research Brief Oct 9, 2019

Spillover Impacts on Education from Employment Guarantees and Educational Investment Responses to Economic Opportunity: Evidence from Indian Road Construction

However, for many young people in developing economies who live in poverty, that trade-off is...
Topics:  Early Childhood Education, Economic Mobility & Poverty, Employment & Wages, Healthcare, K-12 Education
Research Brief Oct 9, 2019

What Happened to US Business Dynamism?

On the other hand, imagine those two running neck-and-neck to the finish line. In that...
Topics:  Technology & Innovation
Research Brief Sep 23, 2019

Consumer Surplus of Alternative Payment Methods: Paying Uber with Cash

However, for millions of other people who do not have credit cards or who are...
Topics:  Technology & Innovation
Research Brief Sep 11, 2019

Disability and Distress: The Effect of Disability Programs on Financial Outcomes

The benefits of disability payments are easy to intuit when thinking hypothetically about the US...
Topics:  Economic Mobility & Poverty, Employment & Wages
Research Brief Sep 11, 2019

Who is Screened Out? Application Costs and the Targeting of Disability Programs

However, the process is much more complicated. The forms are long and complex, including detailed medical...
Research Brief Aug 19, 2019

The Effects of Foreign Multinationals on Workers and Firms in the United States

These are some of the questions that motivated recent research by Bradley Setzler, UChicago postdoctoral...
Topics:  Employment & Wages
Research Brief Aug 12, 2019

Income Growth and the Distributional Effects of Urban Spatial Sorting

Downtowns have always been the center of commercial and cultural life for cities, but relatively...
Topics:  Economic Mobility & Poverty