Student Application: Summer Internship Program for Undergraduate Economics Students

The Becker Friedman Institute for Economics (BFI) at the University of Chicago invites students at the University of Chicago interested in economics to apply for posted summer internship opportunities and/or propose to BFI staff an internship program for funding. Students may receive a stipend of $5,000 from BFI for a selected, 10-week internship.

Guidance for Students

BFI will support the selected summer internship candidates with payment or stipend for their summer position. Available positions will be posted on Handshake, GRADGargoyle, and/or BFI’s website. These opportunities will include Research Assistant positions with faculty at the University of Chicago, as well as external internships across the country. External internships include opportunities ranging from the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers to municipal government finance. These internships will allow for real world experience and impact.

If you are interested in proposing your own internship program and plan, BFI welcomes such proposals. Please fill out the form below by March 31, 2020. Decisions will be made on a rolling basis. For students who apply to existing opportunities posted online, the organizational sponsor will make the final selection. We anticipate a highly competitive process. For students who propose their own internship opportunity to BFI, a committee will review the proposal along with the criteria to decide which proposals are funded.

In all, BFI supports both graduate and undergraduate students through BFI’s sponsored internship programs – the Kapani Metcalf Internship Program for Undergraduate Economics Students, the Brickell Metcalf Internship Program, and the BFI Summer Internship Program.

Examples of recent internships supported by BFI include:

  • Los Angeles Mayor’s Office, Office of Budget and Innovation
  • Louisville Metro Government Office of Performance Improvement and Innovation
  • Tulsa Mayor’s Office, Office of Performance and Strategic Innovation
  • The White House’s Executive Office of the President, The Council of Economic Advisers
  • Research Assistants for Professors Hortacsu, Tintelnot, Mahoney, Dinerstein, Gallen, and Hubbard (UChicago)

Students had meaningful and impactful experiences last summer and we look forward to students having great experiences again this summer. Students interested in pursuing a 2020 summer internship can apply for current opportunities or propose external internship opportunities that fit their specific interests and apply their economic background.

Testimonials From Previous BFI Interns

“The dynamic was great. I got to work closely with all levels inside the Council of Economic Advisers – people with PhD’s, people on leave from other government positions, other interns, even other UChicago faculty and alumni. It was basically like we were all one group completing tasks. It was very fun.”

Matthew Baumholtz, intern at the Council of Economic Advisers

“The work I was doing made me feel like I was contributing to the public, since my work may influence future funding or policies. I’m now more excited to look for positions in government or nonprofits or research firms where I can create results that can help the public.”

James Lee, intern in the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office

For more information or questions, please contact Tyler Blackwell at tblackwell [at]


For more information or questions, please contact Tyler Blackwell at tblackwell [at]