Orientation Program

BFI Predoctoral Research in Economics Professionals applicants must have completed a Bachelors or Master’s degree by June 2020 and have strong quantitative and programming skills. BFI will host a rigorous orientation session prior to the start of the program for selected candidates.

BFI will host a rigorous customized orientation workshop at the start of the program as well as an introduction to econometric methods and how to work and communicate with PIs effectively.

Career Development

BFI hosts an annual career development retreat for all research professionals. Research professionals will hear from faculty and researchers on topics ranging from advanced econometric techniques, journal submissions, PhD application tips, and career opportunities.

BFI Workshops and Events

UChicago Network


Research Professionals will have the opportunity to take courses at the University of Chicago and attend weekly workshops and seminars to further explore their research interests.

The BFI Research in Economics Program (PREP) offers competitive compensation and generous benefits, including 50% of your tuition for up to two classes per quarter, discounted commuter benefits, management and technical skills development, and comprehensive health, dental, and life insurance plans. For more information on the University of Chicago benefits, please click here.

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