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BFI News Sep 21, 2023

BFI Launches New Socioeconomic Inequalities Initiative

The Becker Friedman Institute for Economics (BFI) is launching the Socioeconomic Inequalities Initiative to support and promote inquiry that will enhance fundamental knowledge of inequalities across socioeconomic groups. The...
Media Mention Sep 17, 2023

Fed’s Policy Paradox: Too-Slow Growth Threatens Inflation Fight

Bloomberg; Yueran Ma
Media Mention Sep 17, 2023

Will Restart of Student Loan Payments Be the Last Straw for Consumers?

The New York Times; Constantine Yannelis
Media Mention Sep 17, 2023

Wildfires in Canada led to dangerous air quality in parts of the US for the first time. See the affected areas

CNN; Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago, Air Quality Index
Media Mention Sep 16, 2023

Russia Running Out of Pretty Much Everything as Sanctions Bite

Newsweek; Konstantin Sonin
Media Mention Sep 15, 2023

Danika Grieser ’26 and Melody Herrera-Garcia ’26 Attend Program to Expand Diversity in Economics

Swarthmore College; Expanding Diversity in Economics Summer Institute
Media Mention Sep 15, 2023

Are American children’s books getting more “woke”?

The Economist; Anjali Adukia
Media Mention Sep 13, 2023

The New Economic Thinking Behind The Microsoft/ Activision Merger

Forbes; Eric Posner
Media Mention Sep 13, 2023

Fighting poverty in Chicago as U.S. poverty soars

WBEZ; Damon Jones