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Media Mention Sep 28, 2022

Oops, Wrong Hyundai. India’s Industrial Policy Misfires — Again

The Washington Post; Raghuram Rajan
Media Mention Sep 27, 2022

Your Smart Thermostat Isn’t Here to Help You

The Atlantic; John list
Media Mention Sep 27, 2022

Why Quitting Is Underrated

The Atlantic; Richard Thaler
Media Mention Sep 26, 2022

The Economy May Throw Digital And Hybrid Work Another Curve

Forbes; Steven Davis
Media Mention Sep 25, 2022

Women Prefer Other Women as Mentors—Sometimes

Wall Street Journal; Yana Gallen
Media Mention Sep 24, 2022

Big Oil pledged to fight climate change, but do their actions line up?

PBS; Ryan Kellogg