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Media Mention Mar 4, 2021

The Right Discount Rate for Regulatory Costs and Benefits

Wall Street Journal; Michael Greenstone
Media Mention Mar 3, 2021

How might putting a price on carbon work to curb emissions?

Marketplace; Michael Greenstone
Topics:  Energy & Environment
Media Mention Mar 3, 2021

Nobel winner Eugene Fama on bubbles, why indexing is still king and GameStop

Marketplace; Eugene Fama
Topics:  Financial Markets
Media Mention Mar 2, 2021

What will canceling $10,000 in student debt really do?

Quartz; Constantine Yannelis
Topics:  Higher Education & Workforce Training
Media Mention Mar 1, 2021

People Literally Don’t Know When to Shut Up—or Keep Talking—Science Confirms

Scientific American; Nicholas Epley
Media Mention Mar 1, 2021

Closing schools: how to make a rational decision?

The Conversation; Lars Peter Hansen
Topics:  COVID-19
Media Mention Feb 28, 2021

Millennials, Gen Z are job-hopping, but contrary to popular belief, maybe not enough

CNBC; Steve Davis
Topics:  Employment & Wages
Media Mention Feb 27, 2021

Why Putin keeps meddling with athletes like Rangers star Artemi Panarin

New York Post; Konstantin Sonin