BFI NewsJun 02, 2022

Becker Friedman Institute Supports 25 Summer Research Assistantships in 2022

Each summer, the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics (BFI) invites economics students at the University of Chicago to apply for funding for summer research assistant opportunities. Students learn to apply their skills through campus-based research opportunities in addition to external research opportunities that utilize their economics education.

This summers’ research assistantships will create real-world impact and provide meaningful, informative experiences that deepen students’ learning and inquiry. In all, 25 summer positions were made possible for both graduate and undergraduate students – the Kapani Metcalf Internship Program for Undergraduate Economics Students, and the Brickell Metcalf Internship Program.

“Working alongside UChicago faculty to support research on economic issues ranging from employment, wealth distribution, trade, and climate change provides our students an opportunity to contribute to frontier research in a hands-on way, and this is a key priority for the Becker Friedman Institute,” said Michael Greenstone, the Milton Friedman Distinguished Service Professor in Economics and director of BFI. “We want our students – in both undergraduate and graduate programs – to have every opportunity to build their skills and develop strong relationships with our scholars.”

This year, students will support economics research activity for faculty in the Booth School of Business, Harris School of Public Policy, Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics, and the Law School. Research assistantships will support research for a significant number of scholars, including (among others): Anjali Adukia of Harris Public Policy, Lisa Bernstein of UChicago Law School, Chang-Tai Hsieh of Chicago Booth, Saieh Fellow Anders Humlum, Anil Kashyap of Chicago Booth, Anup Malani of UChicago Law School, Simon Mongey of the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics, and James Robinson of Harris Public Policy.

These research assistantships offer the rare opportunity to take part in field-leading research across a wide-range of topics, including health economics, labor, early childhood education, political economy, and the study of gender to name only a few.

The Kapani Metcalf Internship Program for Undergraduate Economics Students annually provides generous stipends to support students as they work with faculty on campus and at various external positions across the country.

The Brickell Metcalf Internship Program supports undergraduate students interested in conducting research with the intent of increasing liberty. The program aims to produce research to develop a better understanding of the effects of law, regulation, and government policy on human behavior. Students are encouraged to choose from a number of possible research opportunities offered by faculty members, who submit proposals for desired research assistant support.

For more information on BFI’s research assistantship and internship support, click here.