BFI NewsSep 25, 2018

BFI Awards 10 Scholars Grants for New Data

To support faculty and spur new, rigorous research, BFI recently awarded 10 University of Chicago economists data acquisition grants to acquire new data sets and promote ground-breaking research. When published, the insights gleaned from this research and data will have real-world impacts across a variety of topics and fields of study.

These awards mark the third round of grants BFI has awarded to scholars. The previous round of grants, awarded in February of 2018, awarded seven scholars grants for data that supported research on topics ranging from consumer protection law, sales tax, economic and physical health in rural America, and much more.

BFI is proud to announce the recipients  of the newest data acquisition grants, listed below, along with data source and the research the new data will be supporting.

Fall 2018 Data Acquisition Grant Awardees:

Ufuk Akcigit 
Data source: Clarivate Analytics
Research: The Production of Innovation at the Micro Inventor and Team Level

Alessandra Voena and Anup Malani
Data source: National Sample Survey, India: Consumer Expenditure Survey
Research: Marriage Markets in India, Son Preference, and Rural-Urban Migration

Fiona Burlig
Data source: Vietnamese General Statistics Office
Research: Energy and Economic Growth – Evidence from Vietnam

Derek Neal
Data source: State, district, and school-level data sets
Research: Rising High School Graduation Rates

Azeem Shaikh
Winnie van Dijk (Student Award)
Data Source: Statistics Netherlands
Research: The Role of Housing Assistance in Economic Outcomes for Families

Steve Cicala
Yuvraj Pathak (Student Award)

Data Source: Software firm services for data extraction; National Rural Drinking Water Mission/Program (NRDWM)
Research: Indian Groundwater Contamination Microdata

Michael Greenstone
Krisztina Orban (Student Award)

Data Source: Central Statistical Office of Hungary
Research: The Inception of Capitalism through the Lens of Firms

Peter Ganong and Pascal Noel
Data Source: Transunion
Research: Liquidity vs Wealth in Household Debt Obligations

Felix Tintelnot and Magne Mogstad
Data Source: National Bank of Belgium
Research: Firm-to-Firm Production Network data combined with Employer-Employee data

Manasi Deshpande
Lancelot Henry de Frahan (Student Award)
Data Source: InfoGroup
Research: Intergenerational Mobility of Consumption and Political Participation