BFI NewsMar 03, 2022

BFI Awards 12 Grants for New Data to Promote Innovative Research

The Becker Friedman Institute for Economics (BFI) is pleased to announce the award of 12 grants for new data to promote innovative economics research by University of Chicago faculty and students. These data sets will help promote ground-breaking research on a range of diverse topics. When published, the insights gleaned from this research and data will have real-world impacts across a variety of topics and fields of study.

In 2017, BFI launched a unique data acquisition grant program to support faculty and spur new, rigorous research. The awards were drawn from a competitive application process, now in its fifth round. With the addition of these awards, BFI has granted a total of 51 grants to-date. The full listing of BFI data acquisition grants can be found here.

BFI is proud to share the recipients of the newest data acquisition grants, listed below, along with data source and the research the new data will be supporting.

Lisa Bernstein, Law School
Data Source: New Data Set on Team-Based Contracts
Research: Completing Incomplete Contracts by Teams

Christopher Berry, Harris School of Public Policy
Data Source: First American Financial
Research: Property Tax Equity

Anthony Casey, Law School
Data Source: Reorg Research, Inc.
Research: Corporate Reorganization Research

Steven Davis, Booth School of Business
Data Source: Respondi and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Research: Many-Country Survey of Working Arrangements

Eyal Frank, Harris School of Public Policy
Data Source: BuildZoom
Research: The Cost of Species Protection: The Land Market Impacts of the Endangered Species Act

Yana Gallen, Harris School of Public Policy
Dmitri Koustas, Harris School of Public Policy
Data Source: Internal Revenue Service
Research: The Returns to Early Childcare Quality: Evidence from US Tax Data

Michael Greenstone, Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics and the Harris School of Public Policy
Michael Galperin (Student Award)
Data Source: U.S. Credit Bureau
Research: The Optimal Design of Municipal Fines: Evidence from Chicago

Koichiro Ito, Harris School of Public Policy
Data Source: National Health Insurance Service at the South Korean Government
Research: Mortality Impacts of Transboundary Air Pollution: Evidence from East Asia

Jessica Jeffers, Booth School of Business
Data Source: New Data on Venture Capital Contracting
Research: A Machine Learning Classification of Venture Capital Contract Terms

Dmitri Koustas, Harris School of Public Policy
Constantine Yannelis, Booth School of Business
Data Source: Nielsen
Research: Beliefs and Consumption Responses to the Resumption of Federal Student Loan Repayment

Evan Rose, Saieh Family Fellow in Economics
Data Source: Equifax
Research: Improving Fees and Fines in the Justice System

Avner Strulov-Shlain, Booth School of Business
and Abigail Sussman, Booth School of Business
Data Source: Qualtrics
Research: Understanding the Reasons for Low Take-up of 529 Plans and Encouraging Stronger Enrollment