BFI NewsSep 22, 2022

BFI Awards 14 Grants for New Data to Promote Innovative Research

The Becker Friedman Institute for Economics (BFI) is pleased to announce the award of 14 grants for new data to promote innovative economics research by University of Chicago faculty and students. These data sets will help promote ground-breaking research on a range of diverse topics. When published, the insights gleaned from this research and data will have real-world impacts across a variety of topics and fields of study.

In 2017, BFI launched a unique data acquisition grant program to support faculty and spur new, rigorous research. The awards were drawn from a competitive application process, now in its fifth round. With the addition of these awards, BFI has granted a total of 65 grants to-date. The full listing of BFI data acquisition grants can be found here.

BFI is proud to share the recipients of the newest data acquisition grants, listed below, along with data source and the research the new data will be supporting.

Ari Anisfeld (Student Award)
Pepi Pandiloski (Student Award)
Faculty Sponsor: Steven Durlauf
Data Source: Survey
Research: Decision in Networks: Diffusion and Aggregation of Information in Segregated Schools

Douglas G. Baird, Anthony Casey, Joshua Macey, Adriana Robertson, and Amir Sufi
Data Source: Reorg Research Inc.
Research: Corporate Reorganization Research

Lisa Bernstein
Data Source: EDGAR
Research: Completing Incomplete Contracts by Teams

Marianne Bertrand and Anup Malani
Data Source: Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy
Research: Caste, Fertility and Female Labor Force Participation in India

Emanuele Colonnelli
Data Source: Preqin
Research: Emerging Markets Investors

Emanuele Colonnelli and Thomas Rauter
Data Source: Local business associations and statistical offices
Research: Measuring and Explaining Corporate Transparency Practices around the World

Michael Dinerstein and Anne Karing
Data Source: Maisha Meds
Research: Antibiotics Prescribing Behavior in Unregulated Markets: Evidence from Pharmacies in Kenya

Nadav Kunievsky (Student Award)
Faculty Sponsor: Stéphane Bonhomme
Data Source: Education Research Center
Research: Measuring sources of disparity in higher education enrollment in Texas

Devika Lakhote (Student Award)
Faculty Sponsor: Marianne Bertrand
Data Source: Computing and Storage
Research: Effects of Placed-Based, Identity-Targeted Infrastructure Investments

Maya Lozinski (Student Award)
Faculty Sponsor: Joshua Gottlieb
Data Source: ResDAC and NBER
Research: Specialization and New Tasks: Evidence from Oncologists

Anup Malani|
Data Source: Computing and Storage
Research: Viral Evolution and Optimal Vaccination

Harold Pollack
Data Source: National Core Indicators
Research: Health and community living outcomes for people with disabilities receiving Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) in the United States

Harald Uhlig
Data Source: CoinMarketCap
Research: Cryptocurrency Market Dynamics

Quentin Vandeweyer
Data Source: Refinitiv Tick Data and Thomson Reuters
Research: Reaching for Yield: Monetary Policy Effects on Asset Demand and Prices