BFI Sponsors Oeconomica Student Delegation for 2018 AEA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia

Each year, over 13,000 economists come together to network and share new research at the annual AEA conference. BFI sponsored seven students from Oeconomica, the undergraduate economics research society at UChicago, for a trip to this year's AEA conference in Philadelphia (January 5-7).

Oeconomica students found the experience transformative. Leah Umanskiy said, "Attending the AEA was one of the most powerful and important experiences I have had in college thus far." Lucas Cusimano realized that the models he learned in second-year honors economics sequence, as well as those learned in econometrics, are actually used in practice. The conference also helped put research in context. Raymond Han noted, "Above all, this trip affirmed my decision to pursue a career as an academic economist by exposing me to more of the exciting research being done in the field."

You can read feedback on their experiences here.