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Milton Friedman Centennial

Celebrating an Enduring Economic Legacy

“Chicago Remembers Milton Friedman: Personal Reflections & Professional Intersections”

  • Allen Sanderson, Senior Lecturer in Economics and the College
  • Summer 2012

“The Chicago Question: What Would Milton Friedman Do?”

  • The Economist, July 28, 2012

“Milton Friedman: Non-Research Activities 1976-89”

  • Allan Meltzer, Carnegie Mellon University and Hoover Institution
  • January 2011

“Happy Birthday, Milton Friedman”A tribute at Friedman's 90th birthday

  • Gary S. Becker
  • BusinessWeek, June 30, 2002

“On Milton Friedman's Ninetieth Birthday”

  • Federal Reserve Governor Ben. S. Bernanke
  • Delivered at the Conference to Honor Milton Friedman at the University of Chicago
  • November 8, 2002

“Milton Friedman: Perspectives, Particularly on Monetary Policy”

  • Robert Barro, Harvard University
  • November 2009

“Some of Milton Friedman's Contributions to Macroeconomics”

  • Thomas J. Sargent
  • Presented at the Hoover Institution symposium for Milton Friedman's 75th birthday
  • July 15, 1987

Milton Friedman Memorial Service

  • Speakers include Gary Becker, Arnold Harberger, Václav Klaus, Leo Melamed, Michael Walker, and Robert Zimmer

Colleagues Share Reminiscences of Milton Friedman

  • Panel discussion with Gary Becker, Eugene Fama, Robert Lucas and Sam Peltzman; moderated by Anil Kashyap