BFI Health Economics Sponsors 2017 iHEA Biennial World Congress

Tomas Philipson, director of the Becker Friedman Institute’s Health Economics Initiative—Program on Foundational Research in Health Care Markets and Policies, will present "The Value and Pricing of Personalized Medicine" at the 2017 iHEA Biennial World Congress in Boston on July 10, 2017. This presentation, scheduled for 11:45 am EST, centers on Philipson's paper, "Health Care Adherence and Personalized Medicine," coauthored with Mark Egan. In his presentation, Philipson will argue that the application of two-part pricing of personalized medicines, similar to that of amusement park pricing—with high prices for companion diagnostic tests, the “gate” of entry, and low-priced drugs, the “rides” after entry—could enhance innovation in personalized medicine, a space that has lagged in new technologies relative to past forecasts.

The Health Economics Initiative is pleased to sponsor the World Congress, taking place from July 8-11, 2017 in Boston. The initiative's sponsorship provides scholarship opportunities for ten students to attend the conference.