Institute Awards 2017 Undergraduate Achievement Prizes

The Becker Friedman Institute is proud to honor three students in the College for their outstanding achievements in economics.

Jacob Dorn and Cameron Taylor received the Becker Friedman Institute Award for Academic Achievement in Microeconomics. This award recognizes undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship in economics, mathematics, and statistics. Often taking graduate level courses to challenge themselves with highly advanced levels of work, Dorn and Taylor have taken full advantage of the opportunities afforded to them as University of Chicago students, excelling at every opportunity.

The becker Friedman Institute Award for Academic Achievement in Macroeconomics was presented to Robbie Minton and Anya Marchenko, who were at the top of their macroeconomics classes. Minton and Marchenko were recognized for provoing thir ability to apply themselves with the rigorous scholarship required to tackle the next generation of economic problems. This summer, Marchecko will be a BFI Research Professional for Steven Levitt.

Sylvia Klosin and Alex Foster were honored with the Becker Friedman Institute Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Service. As the president of Oeconomica, Klosin started the Economietrics Games competition and has worked hard to create and sustain a commnity of students assisted in economics. Foster, who planned the UG panel and participated in the Fed Challenge, has aided the institute in its mission to advance discussion of research and schoalrship. Together, these motivated students have demonstrated a clear sense of leadership and have helped rally an intellectualy community together for events that helped showcase th poewr of economic thought.