BFI NewsFeb 12, 2018

State vs. Shadow: From the Macro Financial Modeling Winter 2018 Meeting

In January 2018, the Macro Finance Research Program (MFR) and in collaboration with MIT’s Laboratory for Financial Engineering, hosted economists from around the world to, in part, investigate issues related to the Chinese stock market and banking sectors. The event was on the occasion of the Macro Financial Modeling (MFM) project’s winter meeting, and was the first time MFM focused its analytical lens on China. This feature article, “State vs. Shadow,” describes MFM’s research focus. 

The keynote speaker for the winter 2018 meeting was NYU Stern’s Richard Berner, Executive-in-Residence at the Center for Global Economy and Business, and the former director of the Office of Financial Research. His speech, “Challenges for Macro Financial Modeling,” raised important questions for researchers to consider as they investigate issues relating to financial stability.  

Berner’s speech provoked many questions from conference participants. In that spirit of inquiry, BFI also conducted a brief interview with Berner.