BFI NewsJul 31, 2018

Students Convene for the 2018 MFM Summer Session for Young Scholars at Cape Cod, MA

The Macro Financial Modeling Project’s summer session is designed for early-career professionals and doctoral students in economics and related fields who are interested in developing enhanced macroeconomic models with linkages to the financial sector. The program provides an opportunity to learn about, discuss, and advance work on macro models with financial sector linkages and related topics. The MFM project is formally under the Macro Finance Research Program of the Becker Friedman Institute.

The initiative’s goal is to construct better, more comprehensive models for assessing systemic risk stemming from activities in the financial sector that can impact the economy. Emerging scholars can play an important role in that effort; this program engages them in that mission and provides access to methods, insights, expertise, and contacts that can enhance their efforts.

The program is open to graduate students or early career economists conducting research in these areas:

  • macroeconometric models and methods with financial sector constraints
  • software and tools that evaluate new macroeconomic models
  • methods of defining, measuring and monitoring systemic risk
  • macroprudential regulation
  • fiscal challenges from the public sector
  • the role of accounting in financial stability

On June 17- 21, 2018, the Macro Financial Modeling (MFM) project held its third summer camp at Wequassett Resort and Golf Club at Cape Cod, MA. The program attracted a high-quality and energetic group of young scholars interested in the connections between macroeconomics and finance.

This year fintech, financial innovation and investment, and economic challenges in China were included among subjects that were explored. The program included a panel with Beverly Hirtle, Executive Vice President Director of Research at the NY Fed with experience in financial market oversight and stress testing, Tao Wang, Head of China Economic Research, UBS Investment Bank with a particular expertise in macroeconomics and finance in Asia, and Richard Sandor, Chairman and CEO of the American Financial Exchange and Professor at the University of Chicago, who has had vast experience in the creation of financial markets.

View a full reflection from MFR Program Director Lars Peter Hansen here.

See video for highlights from the 2018 MFM Summer Session for Young Scholars below:

You can view photos from the summer session here. 

2018 MFM Summer Session for Young Scholars