The Becker Friedman Institute (BFI) is seeking a Research Professional (RP) to work on new and ongoing research projects in and related to international finance, macro, and trade. The Research Professional will work under the guidance of Professor Brent Neiman, but will also spend significant time working with Rodrigo Adao and Rohan Kekre.

Professor Neiman’s recent work can be found at and includes contributions in international macro, finance, and trade, typically with an empirical emphasis. The RP’s work with Professor Neiman will likely focus on supporting the Global Capital Allocation Project ( and will involve interacting with the project’s other co-founders Matteo Maggiori and Jesse Schreger as well as other PhD students and RPs involved in this work at Chicago and other universities. The RP may work on all aspects of the research process from initial processing and organizing of large datasets, to helping formulate and running analyses on the University’s high-powered computing cluster, to producing tables and figures for non-technical summaries of the work.

Professor Adao’s recent work can be found at and includes contributions in international trade, macroeconomics, and econometrics. His research typically combines empirical and theoretical components to evaluate the impact of shocks in international trade and technology on the income distribution and the macro economy. The RP will work on the construction of new datasets, the implementation of estimation methodologies, and the revision and extension of theoretical results.

Professor Kekre’s recent work can be found at and includes contributions in macro and international finance.  The RP’s work with Professor Kekre will focus on supporting his research studying business cycles in the global economy and the ways in which monetary, fiscal, and macroprudential policies shape them. The RP can expect to assist Professor Kekre in assembling datasets from a wide array of international sources, analyzing the data, and helping to edit academic papers summarizing the research.

This position will be most desirable to candidates considering or planning to apply for graduate school during the second year of their RP role. Previous RP’s supervised by Neiman, Adao, or Kekre have attended PhD programs at UC Berkeley, University of Chicago, Harvard, Northwestern, and Yale, among others.

In addition to the frequent interaction with Professors Neiman, Adao, and Kekre, the RP will benefit from interacting with other peers as part of the large BFI Predoctoral Research in Economics Program (PREP). As a member of the Chicago academic community, the RP will be able to take advantage of a rich set of programming and can attend seminars and workshops. To learn more about what the BFI environment has to offer, please visit: