The Becker Friedman Institute is seeking a Research Professional (RP) to work on new and ongoing research projects in and related to international economics and related fields, including economic geography and urban economics. The Research Professional will work under the guidance of Professors Jonathan Dingel and Felix Tintelnot. Their recent research is available at and

The Research Professional will be involved at all stages of Professor Dingel and Tintelnot’s research projects, from initial data exploration to reporting conclusions. Typical responsibilities include collecting, manipulating, and analyzing large datasets, programming statistical simulations, producing visualizations, and reporting results. These functions are often executed using parallel processing on the University’s high-performance computing clusters. The RP will also help design and proofread reports and presentations related to these research projects. The RP will collaborate with Dingel, Tintelnot, their coauthors, PhD students, and other RPs involved in this work at Chicago and other universities.

This position is ideal for individuals considering attending graduate school in economics and related fields. Prior RPs have become Economics PhD students at Berkeley, Chicago, Princeton, Stanford, and similar schools. Research staff build relationships and gain valuable experience as part of UChicago’s rigorous intellectual environment. RPs are encouraged to attend a weekly seminar related to their own research interests.