Benjamin Moll

Assistant Professor of Economics and International Affairs
Princeton University
9/28/15 10/7/15

Benjamin Moll’s research addresses questions in macroeconomics and development economics. He has investigated the importance of credit market imperfections in explaining cross-country income differences, the role of policy in alleviating them, the determinants of cross-country differences in human capital accumulation and the role of knowledge diffusion in the growth process. Moll’s current research explores the role of income and wealth distribution in the macroeconomy.

One line of this work is concerned with the causes of inequality, in particular understanding what drove the rise in income and wealth inequality at the very top of the distribution observed in the U.S. over the past forty years. A second line of this work is concerned with the consequences of inequality for macroeconomic performance.

Moll is currently on the faculty, as well as serving as the Cyril E. Black University Preceptor, at Princeton University and a faculty research fellow of the National Bureau of Economics. Previously, he has had visiting appointments in the department of economics at New York University and the Department of Economics and SIEPR at Stanford University.

Moll received a bachelor’s degree from University College London and a PhD in economics from the University of Chicago. 

During his visit, Moll will present a mini-course for the graduate students about tools for solving Bewley models in continuous time (September 28 and 29) and will present work at the Money & Banking Workshop on September 30.