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Botond Koszegi

Professor of Economics
University of California, Berkeley
Visiting Scholar
4/16/11 4/22/11

Botond Közegi’s research interests include economics and psychology and individual decisionmaking. Recent papers include “Exploiting Naivete about Self-Control in the Credit Market” (2010, American Economic Review); “Utility from Anticipation and Personal Equilibrium,” (2010, Economic Theory); “Reference-Dependent Consumption Plans" (2009, American Economic Review); and “Futile Attempts at Self-Control (2009, Journal of the European Economic Association).

He joined the faculty at the University of California, Berkeley as an assistant professor in 2000, and received a Hellman Family Faculty Fund award there. Previously he received Harvard's Bok Center Award for Excellence in Teaching, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Economics Fellowship, a National Bureau of Economic Research Aging Fellowship, and an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Dissertation Fellowship.

He earned his doctorate in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.