Drew Fudenberg

Frederic E. Abbe Professor of Economics
Harvard University
1/12/15 1/16/15

Drew Fudenberg joins us from Harvard University, where he is a leading voice in the field of game theory. His research has spanned several areas within game theory, including theoretical industrial organization, repeated games, learning in game theory and econometrics. His recent working paper "Altruism and Self Control," argues that a dual-self model may be applied to altruistic giving and that people are less altruistic in the long run despite short run preferences for greater equality.

Before joining the department at Harvard in 1993, the professor held positions in the economics departments at the University of California, Berkeley and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Fudenberg has held visiting professorships at MIT, the University of Toulouse, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has served as an associate editor for the Journal of Economic Theory, the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Games and Economic Behavior, the Review of Economic Studies. Among other positions, he has served of the National Science Foundation Panel, and the executive board of theoretical economics. 

Fudenberg is a member of the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences, and a fellow of the Econometric Society. He was a 1984 recipient of the Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship, and a 1990 Guggenheim fellow.

Fudenberg received his undergraduate education in applied mathematics from Harvard. He went on to earn his PhD in economics from the MIT in 1981.

Drew Fudenberg will hold a Special Seminar for the Economic Theory Workshop on Friday, January 16, 2015 from 12:00pm to 1:20pm in Saieh Hall 419.