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Fabrice Tourre

Ph.D. Candidate
University of Chicago

Fabrice Tourre is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Economics of the University of Chicago.

His research interests focus on the interaction between macroeconomics and finance. His job market paper studies the influence of the international capital market environment on small open economies issuing hard currency sovereign debt. In a separate paper, he explores the impact of liquidity reserves on the run behavior of creditors of a run-prone institution, with application in banking and international macroeconomics.

Before joining the PhD program at the University of Chicago, Fabrice worked for nine years as a structurer and trader in the credit and mortgage markets, in New York and London, providing him with deep insights that help guide his research. Fabrice completed his undergraduate studies at Ecole Centrale Paris (France), and obtained a Master of Science in operations research from Stanford University.

Fabrice is an October 2014 MFM Fellowship awardee.