Luca Maini

Harvard University
2016-17 Health Economics Fellow
6/20/16 6/10/17

Luca Maini’s primary fields are health economics and industrial organization, with a focus on various aspects of the pharmaceutical market, including how regulation affects global launch strategies, the impact of health reform on optimal drug pricing, and how behavioral incentives affect compliance with prescription drugs. He recently received funding from the NBER-IFS International Network on the Value of Medical Research to study the correlation between outcome-driven measures of quality and drug market outcomes.

Luca is currently a sixth year PhD student in economics at Harvard, where he is expected to graduate in May of this year. Prior to that, he spent one year as a research assistant at the National Bureau of Economic Research, where he worked on several projects studying household savings behavior and the impact of behavioral interventions on health outcomes.

Maini received his BA in Economics and BS in Mathematics from the University of Chicago in 2011.