Mohit Agrawal

Yale University
Senior Price Theory Scholar
9/25/17 12/9/17

Mohit Agrawal is a fourth-year PhD student at Yale University and Graduate Policy Fellow at Yale's Institute for Social and Political Studies. He specializes in structual applied microeconomics with research interests in education, health, and political economy. Specifically, his research interests involve studies of peer effects, networks, and information in different policy-relevant contexts.

During his residency at the University of Chicago, Mohit will pursue a project on school choice in Chicago Public Schools to assess how heterogeneous information costs affect welfare outcomes from school choice. Through his residnency, he will benefit from close geographical proximity to his data sources, policymakers in Chicago Public Schools, collaborators at the Chicago Consortium on School Research (part of UChicago's Urban Education Institute), and partners at New Schools for Chicago, a school choice advocacy organization.

In addition to school choice, Mohit is studying information flows in medical care and in American politics. Mohit is advised by Joe Altonji and steve Berry at Yale and will work with John List, Michael Dinerstein, Neale Mahoney, and Seth Zimmerman while in residency at Chicago.

He is an alumnus of Princeton University (BA Mathematics, 2011) and former Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford (MS Applied Statistics 2013, MBA 2014).

Before starting his PhD, Mohit worked on the analytics team at the Obama campaign in Chicago in 2012.