Rohini Pande

Mohammed Kamal Professor of Public Policy
Harvard Kennedy School
4/2/18 4/6/18

Rohini Pande is the current Mohammed Kamal Professor of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. She was previously an Associate Professor of Economics at Yale University and an Assistant Professor of Economics at Columbia University.

She is the current Area Chair for International Development at the Harvard Kennedy School and the founder and co-director of Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) at Harvard Kennedy School. She serves on the Executive Committee and is a board member for the Bureau for Economic Analysis of Development (BREAD). She is, also, on the Executive Committee for the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies.

Pande’s fields of interest are development economics, political economy, gender economics, and environmental and energy economics and is co-editor of the Review of Economics and Statistics.

She earned her M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Economics from the London School of Economics.