Wenjia Zhu

Boston University
2016-17 Health Economics Fellow
6/20/16 6/10/17

Wenjia Zhu is a Seidman Fellow in the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School. She was a 2016-2017 Health Economics Fellow for the Becker Friedman Institute. Her current research investigates economic and policy issues related to opioids and treatment of pain. She is especially interested in variations in opioid prescribing across providers and how public policies and health insurance affect opioid use. In other work, she investigates the effects of health insurance among the commercially insured in the United States. She has conducted studies on health care demand elasticities, service selection by health plans, and health plan type variations in health care treatment decisions. She is also interested in applied econometrics, and in particular, methodological issues involved in analyzing big data.

Zhu received a BA in mathematical economics from Fudan University, MA in economics from Duke University, and a PhD in economics from Boston University.