Wenjia Zhu

Boston University
2016-17 Health Economics Fellow
6/20/16 6/10/17

Wenjia Zhu has three years of experience in health economics, with particular experience working with large insurance claims and encounter data. Her research interests center around the application of economic theories and econometric models in health insurance markets and health care. Her current work focuses on the US employer-based health insurance market, inferring the breadth of health plan provider choice from insurance claims data and examining demand response to cost-sharing at the service level. Her research also examines econometric methods for models with multiple high-dimensional fixed effects, which are common when modeling health care utilization. She has also studied the effects of the Affordable Care Act on prevention visits and the effects of HIV testing and diagnosis on risky behaviors.

Zhu is a fifth-year PhD student in the Department of Economics at Boston University. Before joining Boston University in 2011, she received a B.A. in mathematical economics from Fudan University in China and earned her MA in economics from Duke University.