Wing Yin Chung

Clemson University
Junior Price Theory Scholar
9/25/17 12/9/17

Bobby (Wing Yin) Chung is a fourth-year PhD student at Clemson University. He specializes in labor economics, with resarch interests in racial and gender inequality, racial peer effects, and social interaction.

His current research concentrates on establishing a causal linkage between racial interactions and the long-term achievement outcomes. He finds that interacting with bettter peers (friends with better GPA) increases the likelihood of college enrollment, but only same-race influences are significant. Bobby ultimately seeks to understand the long-term benefits of school integration by examining individual interactions and aims to broaden the understanding of peer effects through examining the long-term impacts.

He earned his Bachelor's degree at the Open University of Hong Kong (2011) with first-class honor, and his Master's in Applied Economics at Hong Kong Baptist University with distinction (2013).