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The Pie: An Economics Podcast

Economists are always talking about The Pie – how it grows and shrinks, how it’s sliced, and who gets the biggest shares. Join host Tess Vigeland as she talks with leading economists from the University of Chicago about their cutting-edge research and key events of the day. Hear how the economic pie is at the heart of issues like the aftermath of a global pandemic, jobs, energy policy, and more.




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Podcast episode Nov 30, 2022

Economic Warfare: Are Russian Sanctions Working?

Ten months into a devastating war, the Russian and Ukrainian economies are struggling yet resilient. Russian-born economist Konstantin Sonin joins The Pie to provide an update on the economic...
Podcast episode Nov 15, 2022

Fighting Inflation: Is the Fed’s Work Just Beginning?

The Federal Reserve’s latest 75 basis point rate hike brought interest rates up again on everything from mortgages to car loans and credit cards. Will it be enough to...
Podcast episode Nov 1, 2022

Tax vs Ban: The Unexpected Results on Gun Sales

In this episode, we’re talking about guns. Chicago Booth economist Brad Shapiro has quantified—for the first time—American consumer demand for guns, and how that demand shifts in response to...
Podcast episode Oct 18, 2022

COVID and Schools: Elementary Lessons

Did closing schools during the COVID-19 pandemic serve students and society at-large? As part of a World Bank Advisory Panel, University of Chicago economist Rachel Glennerster is taking a...
Podcast episode Oct 4, 2022

WFH… Gone Global

The remote work revolution is now more than two years old, and it’s a worldwide phenomenon, at least in wealthier countries. Chicago Booth economist Steven Davis has been studying...
Podcast episode Sep 26, 2022

We’re Back with More of The Pie

Last season, we were at the height of the COVID-19 crisis, affecting every aspect of our lives and the economy. This season, we’re back looking at the aftermath of...
Podcast episode Mar 30, 2022

How Does Access to Safe Water Affect Child Mortality?

A new meta-analysis by Michael Kremer and co-authors suggests water treatment could reduce child mortality by about 30% in low- and middle-income countries, making it a highly cost-effective treatment...
Podcast episode Dec 2, 2021

Global Warming, Local Impact: The Economic Landscape of Climate Change

Which economies will suffer most from global warming, and by just how much? Will others see benefits? The differences are key to understanding how the global economy will look...
Podcast episode Oct 21, 2021

Can Monetary Policy Solve Inflation and Unemployment?

Inflation has spiked, even while the economy still recovers. What can the Fed do? It’s one of the biggest and most rapidly evolving questions facing macroeconomists today. In this...
Podcast episode Aug 5, 2021

Nudge: The Final Edition Book Talk with Richard Thaler

How can a small nudge make a big impact? Since publishing the first edition of Nudge more than 10 years ago, Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler have changed the...