Program Manager

About the Development Economics Center (DEC)

The Development Economics Center brings together scholars from across the UChicago community for a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to addressing these challenges. Through rigorous research and active engagement with policymakers and stakeholders, UChicago scholars can push the frontiers of research and have real world impact.

Job Summary

The Program Manager manages academic, research, and administrative programs and research on program effectiveness. Responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, managing and evaluating daily operations of various DEC programs, for example Predoctoral Fellowships and Postdoctoral Fellowships. Responsibilities are diverse and general in nature and may reflect more than one functional area.


  • Uses in-depth knowledge and experience to administer the delivery of services to program participants and awardees such as communicating with programs partners and  DEC applicants and awardees;
  • Work closely with DEC and UChicago team members to execute the importance and complexities international program and grant management., Works closely with the Director of the DEC to develop and execute new DEC programs together with the DEC committee;
  • Works to translate the goals of the committee into executable programs that engage Universities and researchers across the world;
  • Develops and communicates program priorities and performance standards and assesses operations using these criteria. Plans and conducts quality assurance reviews and recommends changes as appropriate;
  • Has a deep understanding when interacting with faculty, researchers and staff for committee work;
  • Work with the Associate Director of Finance to manage program budgets and make budgetary recommendations;
  • Working with the Director, implement program evaluations to understand the impact of DEC programs, design controlled experiments when possible and exploit natural experiments and qualitative causal evaluation when necessary and/or complementary with RCT designs.
  • Performs other related work as needed.

Preferred Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree in business, economics, engineering or a related field.
  • Master’s degree in economics, public policy/administration, or related field.


  • Minimum 1 years of relevant experience

Technical Knowledge/Skills:

  • International development;
  • Conflict Resolution skills;
  • Excellent knowledge of project management principles;
  • Outstanding communication and organizational skills;
  • Strong intuition and knowledge in Statistics and Causal Inference
  • Strategic thinking and analytical skills;
  • Committee management.
  • Good decision making.

Preferred Competencies

  • knowledge of international operations, especially within a University setting;
  • Information management;
  • Planning and evaluating;
  • Customer service;
  • Communicational skills.

Working Conditions

  • Perform tasks mostly indoors in an office setting.
  • Work independently with flexibility but also be able to follow detailed instruction for periods of eight (8) hours or more.

Application Documents

  • Resume/CV (required)
  • Cover Letter (required)
  • Three Professional References (required)

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