Andrew Shephard joins the institute from the University of Pennsylvania where he researches labor economics, public economics, applied microeconomic and microeconometrics. His recent paper “Comparing Charitable Fundraising Schemes: Evidence from a Field Experiment and Structural Model” examined the efficiency of different fundraising models. The study found that the optimal fundraising scheme is to report an anonymous lead donor but, surprisingly, to not use the funds for matching.

Prior to joining the department at Penn, Shephard worked as an assistant professor at Princeton University and a research economist at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. He was awarded the 2011 Excellence in Refereeing Award by the Economic Journal, and participated in the 2010 Review of Economic Studies Tour.

Shephard received his undergraduate education in economics from the London School of Economics, graduating first class honors. He went on to earn his M.Sc. from the London School of Economics and his PhD from the University College, London.

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