E. (Eric) Glen Weyl is a senior researcher at Microsoft Research New England.

Weyl’s primary intellectual interests are in pure and applied price theory, with a focus on industrial organization and public economics. He is also interested in the intersection between economics and other disciplines, particularly law, intellectual history, and philosophy. His research addresses topics ranging from the competition policy in insurance markets to optimal policies for redistribution across countries.

His largest project explores quadratic voting, a new procedure for collective decisions. His work on this topic includes several academic articles, a popular book, and a start-up venture, Collective Decision Engines, that he cofounded with University of Chicago law professor Eric Posner, his frequent collaborator, and Kevin Slavin, a professor at the MIT Media Lab.

Weyl has published articles in many economics journals. The first volume he has edited, Jewish Economies: Development and Migration in America and Beyond (a collection of Simon Kuznets’s essays edited jointly with Stephanie Lo), was released by Transaction Publishers in two volumes in 2011–2012 and the second is under contract with the University of Chicago Press.  He was named a Sloan Foundation Research Fellow for 2014–16.

Weyl received a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University, followed by master’s and doctoral degrees in economics in 2008.  He then spent three years as a junior fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows and three years at the University of Chicago before joining Microsoft.

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