Edward Vytlacil is an econometrician whose work has focused on the micro-econometric methodology for treatment effect and policy evaluation using disaggregated data. A theme in his work has been in allowing for the effects of a treatment to vary across people, and allowing individuals to have some knowledge of their own idiosyncratic treatment effect and to act upon that knowledge.

In addition to his work in econometric methodology, he has published empirical work in labor economics and health economics evaluating the returns to schooling, the returns to job training programs, and the effectiveness of medical interventions.

Vytlacil is currently a professor of economics at Yale University, having previously been a faculty member at Stanford University and Columbia University. He is a co-editor of the Journal of Applied Econometrics, an associate editor for Econometrica and the Journal of Econometrics, and was formerly an associate editor of the Journal of Business, Economics and Statistics.

Vytlacil received his BA and his PhD in economics from the University of Chicago.

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