Interactions: Bringing Together Econometrics and Applied Microeconomics

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This workshop aims to strengthen interaction between econometricians and economists engaged in applied research from all parts of economics, including labor economics, industrial organization and public economics.

This workshop is a part of the conferences on econometrics and mathematical economics funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Bureau of Economic Research. Additional funding is provided by the Becker Friedman Institute.

The Behavioral Shift: What Behavioral Economics Means for Traditional Analyses

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Behavioral economics is a field that applies insights from psychology to problems in economics. The field has been applied extensively to problems in public policy, helping scholars and policymakers understand how to design economic systems in the presence of behavioral biases. Behavioral economics has also captured popular imagination via the popular writing of behavioral economists and enterprising reporters alike. 

Price Theory Summer Camp 2016

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During this intensive one-week program, students hear lectures from UChicago price theory faculty and experience a series of “Chicago-style” seminars where faculty present their research in progress. Participants also work on problem sets in workshops and have opportunities to discuss their own work with some of the world's leading economists.

The program is geared toward PhD students in economics who have completed their third or fourth year of study, but applications are accepted from doctoral candidates of all levels.