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Sharing research in progress—and refining it through rigorous discussion and debate—is a hallmark of scholarship at the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics.
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BFI Working Paper Mar 4, 2024

Evaluating and Pricing Health Insurance in Lower-Income Countries: A Field Experiment in India

Anup Malani, Cynthia Kinnan, Gabriella Conti, Kosuke Imai, Morgen Miller, Shailender Swaminathan, Alessandra Voena, Bartek Woda
Topics:  Health care
BFI Working Paper Sep 20, 2023

Private Actions in the Presence of Externalities: The Health Impacts of Reducing Air Pollution Peaks but not Ambient Exposure

Susanna B. Berkouwer, Joshua Dean
Topics:  Health care, Energy & Environment, Development Economics
BFI Working Paper Aug 21, 2023

Monitoring for Waste: Evidence from Medicare Audits

Maggie Shi
Topics:  Health care
BFI Working Paper Jul 15, 2023

Information Manipulation and Repression: A Theory and Evidence from the COVID Response in Russia

Natalia Lamberova, Konstantin Sonin
Topics:  Health care
BFI Working Paper Jul 14, 2023

Who Values Human Capitalists’ Human Capital? The Earnings and Labor Supply of U.S. Physicians

Joshua Gottlieb, Maria Polyakova, Kevin Rinz, Hugh Shiplett, Victoria Udalova
Topics:  Health care
BFI Working Paper Apr 3, 2023

The Health Wedge and Labor Market Inequality

Amy Finkelstein, Casey C. McQuillan, Owen M. Zidar, Eric Zwick
Topics:  Employment & Wages, Health care
BFI Working Paper Mar 17, 2023

Market Size and Trade in Medical Services

Jonathan Dingel, Joshua Gottlieb, Maya Lozinski, Pauline Mourot
Topics:  Health care