BFI Working Paper May 18, 2020

Political Economy of Shelter-in-Place Compliance

Arda Gitmez, Konstantin Sonin, Austin Wright
Topics:  COVID-19
BFI Working Paper Apr 25, 2020

A Political Model of Trust

Marina Agranov, Ran Eilat, Konstantin Sonin
BFI Working Paper Mar 24, 2020

How Does Kompromat Affect Politics? A Model of Transparency Regimes

Monika Nalepa, Konstantin Sonin
BFI Working Paper Mar 23, 2020

Rebel Capacity and Combat Tactics

Konstantin Sonin, Austin Wright
BFI Working Paper Mar 16, 2020

Political Scandal: A Theory

Wioletta Dziuda, William G. Howell
BFI Working Paper Dec 8, 2019

Preventing Predation: Oligarchs, Obfuscation, and Political Connections

John S. Earle, Scott Gehlbach, Anton Shirikov, Solomiya Shpak
BFI Working Paper Aug 9, 2019

The Geography of Dictatorship and Support for Democracy

Maria Angélica Bautista, Felipe González, Luis Martínez, Pablo Muñoz, Mounu Prem
BFI Working Paper May 30, 2019

Persuasion on Networks

Konstantin Sonin, Georgy Egorov