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Sharing research in progress—and refining it through rigorous discussion and debate—is a hallmark of scholarship at the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics.
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BFI Working Paper Jan 23, 2023

Criminal Charges, Risk Assessment, and Violent Recidivism in Cases of Domestic Abuse

Dan Black, Jeffrey Grogger, Tom Kirchmaier, Koen Sanders
Topics:  Uncategorized
BFI Working Paper Jan 4, 2021

Comparing Conventional and Machine-Learning Approaches to Risk Assessment in Domestic Abuse Cases

Jeffrey Grogger, Sean Gupta, Ria Ivandic, Tom Kirchmaier
Topics:  Technology & Innovation
BFI Working Paper Feb 4, 2020

A Cross-Cohort Analysis of Human Capital Specialization and the College Gender Wage Gap

Carolyn Sloane, Erik Hurst, Dan Black
Topics:  Employment & Wages, Higher Education & Workforce Training