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Sharing research in progress—and refining it through rigorous discussion and debate—is a hallmark of scholarship at the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics.
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BFI Working Paper Apr 29, 2024

The Evolution of Black-White Differences in Occupational Mobility Across Post-Civil War America

Steven Durlauf, Gueyon Kim, Dohyeon Lee, Xi Song
Topics:  Employment & Wages
BFI Working Paper Mar 13, 2023

A Trajectories-Based Approach to Measuring Intergenerational Mobility

Yoosoon Chang, Steven Durlauf, Seunghee Lee, Joon Y. Park
Topics:  Economic Mobility & Poverty
BFI Working Paper Aug 31, 2022

Everybody’s Talkin’ at Me: Levels of Majority Language Acquisition by Minority Language Speakers

William Brock, Bo Chen, Steven Durlauf, Shlomo Weber
Topics:  Uncategorized
BFI Working Paper Feb 21, 2022

The Great Gatsby Curve

Steven Durlauf, Andros Kourtellos, Chih Ming Tan
Topics:  Economic Mobility & Poverty