BFI is the nexus of the Chicago Economics community, acting as the hub for researchers and scholars to potentially play a significant role in meeting the most difficult challenges facing the global community. We are also committed to helping the Department of Economics, the Harris School, the Booth School of Business, and the Law School train the next generation of economic researchers, scholars, policy analysts, and policy-makers.

BFI gives UChicago students invaluable opportunities to participate in frontier research that will have a global impact. Through our full schedule of seminars, workshops, forums, conferences, brown bags, job and internship opportunities, summer camps, and other events, our students have the chance to engage with one another and with researchers, scholars, policy analysts, and policy-makers to exchange ideas on the most critical and pressing issues of our time.

Programs and Networking

BFI’s robust schedule of conferences and lectures offer excellent opportunities to network with peers, colleagues, and leading scholars.

  • Economics Research Experience for Undergraduates. REU offers students an opportunity to learn about diverse research topics and methods from some of the University’s most prominent economists.
  • Friedman Forum. Designed for undergraduates, BFI’s Friedman Forum luncheon series highlights economic analysis as a powerful tool for understanding a wide range of real-world issues and problems.
  • Becker Brown Bag. The Becker Brown Bag Series provides an informal setting where prominent economists can present cutting-edge research and engage MBA students in discussion.
  • View all events. BFI hosts numerous conferences, workshops, and talks that are open to students.

Employment Opportunities at BFI

BFI offers students the opportunity to work with faculty through a wide range of job, internship, or assistantship positions, including:

  • Research Professional opportunities
  • Research Assistant opportunities
  • Internship opportunities
    • Kapani Metcalf Summer Internship Program for Undergraduate Economics Students. BFI invites students to apply for posted summer internship opportunities and/or propose an internship program for funding to BFI staff.
    • Brickell Metcalf Internship Program. The Brickell Metcalf internship is for undergraduate students interested in conducting research with the intent of increasing liberty, and aims to produce research to develop a better understanding of the effects of law, regulation, and government policy on human behavior.

Additional Job Resources and Opportunities

Find job and or internship opportunity related to economics on or off-campus.

  • Handshake. The University’s official job and career events board can be used to schedule advising appointments, RSVP for career development events, and apply directly to jobs and internships related to economics.
  • GRAD Gargoyle. On-campus employment positions related to economics for graduate students and post-docs are posted in GRAD Gargoyle.