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Industrial Organization is a large, responsive, and policy-relevant field of economics. Always active both theoretically and, especially during the past couple of decades, empirically, the field’s methods and practitioners have considerable influence on antitrust and regulation policy, and data-intensive managerial practices in many industries. The field also has substantial influence and growing overlaps with other fields of economics, including development, macro, and corporate finance.

Associated Scholars

Associated Working Papers

BFI Working Paper Oct 21, 2019

Design and Analysis of Cluster-Randomized Field Experiments in Panel Data Settings

Bharat K. Chandar, Ali Hortaçsu, John List, Ian Muir, Jeffrey M. Wooldridge
Topics:  Employment & Wages
BFI Working Paper Sep 25, 2019

Prices and Promotions in U.S. Retail Markets: Evidence from Big Data

Gunter J. Hitsch, Ali Hortaçsu, Xiliang Lin
Topics:  Industrial Organization
BFI Working Paper Apr 18, 2019

The Production, Relocation, and Price Effects of US Trade Policy: The Case of Washing Machines

Aaron Flaaen, Ali Hortaçsu, Felix Tintelnot
Topics:  Industrial Organization, Tax & Budget

Associated News

Media Mention Jun 28, 2019

If Trump can’t make a deal with Xi, rising tariff impact could help Democrats

CNBC; Ali Hortaçsu, Felix Tintelnot
Topics:  Industrial Organization
Media Mention Jun 19, 2019

How ‘Stealth’ Consolidation is Undermining Competition

Wall Street Journal; Thomas Wollmann
Topics:  Industrial Organization
Media Mention May 13, 2019

Here’s how tariffs impact a common household item

MSNBC Morning Joe; Ali Hortaçsu, Felix Tintelnot
Topics:  Industrial Organization