BFI is an intellectual destination for the world's best scholars in economics and related fields. We bring researchers together across disciplines and departments to share perspectives that spark new ideas and collaborations.

We're proud to host a select group of elite researchers from around the globe as Distinguished Research Fellows. Appointed for three-year periods, they play leadership roles in our activities and contribute in many ways over their return visits.

We invite innovative researchers of all areas and ages to the institute as Visiting Scholars. They can pursue their own work while participating in workshops, lectures, or conferences. They bring fresh ideas and expertise to the UChicago economics community.

Our prestigious Chicago Research Fellows program offers promising economists who are early in their careers or have just completed their PhDs rare opportunities to spend a year or two broadening their research interests and deepening their skills before taking on a faculty position.

We also offer other flexible opportunities for visiting graduate students (including Price Theory Scholars, postdoctoral researchers, and associated scholars to expand their research interests and experience in the uniquely vibrant Chicago economics community under the auspices of the institute.

Current and Upcoming Visiting Scholars

March–June 2018

3/26 - 6/9
Princeton University
Visiting Scholar

April–May 2018

4/2 - 5/4
Yale University
Ta-Chung Liu Distinguished Visitor
4/29 - 5/6
Columbia University
Thornber Fellow; Distinguished Research Fellow

May 2018

UC-Berkeley Haas School of Business
Visiting Scholar
University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Jeanne and Rex Sinquefield Visiting Researcher
Bocconi University
Shui-Chin Lee Visiting Fellow
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Visiting Scholar
MIT Department of Economics
Visiting Scholar
University College London
2017 Ta-Chung Liu Distinguished Visitor
London School of Economics
Ta-Chung Liu Distinguished Visitor

May–June 2018

5/14 - 6/1
University of Colorado-Boulder
Visiting Scholar
5/28 - 6/1
Department of Economics, Princeton University
Visiting Scholar
5/29 - 6/4
University of Paris Dauphine
Visiting Scholar

July 2018–June 2019

7/1 - 6/30, 7/1 - 6/30
Northwestern University